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Your private label nutraceutical packaging must follow stringent regulations, all while providing your customer a superior brand experience.

Our team of private label and packaging experts helps you to create product packaging that delivers truthful information in an aesthetically pleasing design. Our private label design team focuses on branding, compliance, and high-quality visuals for your best-selling private label supplements.

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DESIGNYour nutritional packaging design requires not only visually appealing graphics, but must also follow specific guidelines set forth by both domestic and international regulatory agencies. SunLife Medical is an NSF GMP registered manufacturing facilitshowing our commitment to providing top-quality private label nutraceuticals to your business. Our supplements are produced in accordance to all FDA guidelines. This same level of quality extends beyond the manufacturing process into the labeling and packaging process. Our experienced team of graphic designers are well versed in branding solutions through expertly developed labels for your dietary supplements. To ensure compliance, we design and review all label and packaging designs to meet all FDA standards. This includes typography and font, usage directions, warnings and disclaimers, ingredient formatting, and supplement panel creation. You can rest assured your product is truthfully developed, labeled, and packaged with our comprehensive private label branding solutions.

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Write about your brand story, vision so customers can understand your business’ values. With an impressive brand story, customers will feel more engaged with your brand. A brand story tells the motivation for starting your business, and why you get up and do what you do every day, why customers should care, and why they should trust you. The brand story builds connections and it builds trust.

 Packing Solution

We offer many other packaging solutions outside of standard plastic bottles and jars! SunLife Medical can design innovative packaging solutions for your private label supplement, such as sachets, stick packs, Bottle, Jar and pouches. We also understand branding solutions go beyond your product label. High quality packaging designs add value to your private label supplement brand. Our talented team of expert designers can create custom boxes and point-of-sale displays to help your brand shine!

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