About Us


SunLife Medical is home to a family of brands driven by purpose. Combining the best of innovation and nature, we develop supplement formulas that encourage people to live their best lives starting from within. With a belief in ingredients from nature, we create clean, natural and cruelty-free formulas that do good for you and the earth. As we create for a variety of lifestyles, we develop a community where our child brands are our pillars. The result is healthy and natural solutions for everyone.



At SunLife Medical, we’re not just developing supplement formulas, we want to inspire you to live life with purpose. We say, a healthy lifestyle is the beginning of a happy life. To maintain daily wellness, we help you do what is right for your body. Stating from within, SunLife Medical is a pioneer and innovator in supplements and vitamins that allow you to put your best foot forward, climb mountains, seize the day and simply, do it all. With our portfolio of brands, we bring the best of health to a wide range of audiences allowing everyone to live their best life.


We’re constantly engaging with our consumers, customers and stakeholders to better understand how to inspire innovation, while doing more good for your health. Simply put, our products are made of the very best quality ingredients available on the market and harness the power of nature to nourish your body from within. SunLife Medical is committed to bringing the best of nature to the people for their health, as we preserve and respect the environment. We are a 100% transparent company, dedicated to sharing our sources and the powerful benefits of our clean ingredients.